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So I'm designing a website (using WordPress), and I want to use JQuery to hide/show a certain element when another element is moused over. The HTML looks roughly like this

<div class="post" style="clear:both;">
    <a href="...">
        <img  src="..." />
    <div class="autohide">
            <a href="...">...</a>
 <div class="spacer" />

and the JQuery looks like this:

    jQuery(".post .autohide").hide();`
    jQuery(".post").hover(function() {
    },function() {

What's supposed to happen is, when the user mouses over the image, the contents of the associated autohide <div> get transplanted into the next spacer <div> and then faded in; when they mouse out, the autohide <div> fades out and clears.

However, if the pointer is not over the image for the full fade-in time, then the max opacity of the spacer div seems to decrease until a mouse-over creates no effect at all.

I would be much obliged if anyone who knows more JQuery than I could shed some light on this subject; I assume it's a basic problem (I've never used JQuery before this project).

Thanks in advance.

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I took the .stop() calls out, and it seems to work fine, but I am still trying to parse everything that is going on.


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Thank you! This seems to work. To be honest, I just pulled most of the code off of another SO topic and modified it after taking a quick look at the jQuery docs. – Actorclavilis Nov 24 '10 at 1:05

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