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Anyone can tell me how to kick start development a super simple client for jabberd14 server? I am comfortable using C++, VB .NET, PHP (for webdevelopment).

And also how to add user in the server itself (any API to do this) like mysql has develop a connector to pass the sql statement to the server to execute.

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Assuming you want to write something from scratch, you should start getting familiar with the XMPP Protocol used by Jabber.

However, it might be better to use an existing XMPP/Jabber library which does the dirty work for you.

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Thanks. Any way/API to administer server like create user? – henry Nov 24 '10 at 2:48

For .net check the project jabber-net on Google code. And here's a getting started guide.

For Java SE have a look at this API: Smack API. And the getting started guide.

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