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I am testing my Android application using ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2, and I need to test that the screen orientation change works correctly. However, I cannot find any way to cause an orientation to occur. What am I missing?

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Check this example where I tried extending Android ActivityInstrumentationTestsCase2 to use different screen orientations: iliasbartolini / AgileDayConferenceApp

Basically you need to change the Resources configuration. I found this example here: Tip for unit-testing: loading Resources for a specific screen orientation/

Resources res = getInstrumentation().getTargetContext().getResources();
Configuration oldResourcesConfiguration = res.getConfiguration();
Configuration newConfiguration = new Configuration(oldResourcesConfiguration);
newConfiguration.orientation = configurationOrientation;
res.updateConfiguration(newConfiguration, res.getDisplayMetrics());

Here is a dummy Landscape test example on how to use it.

It actually only checks that the Landscape layout and resources loaded by the activity are not broken: don't know if there are better ways to do it.

And here the Portrait test

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Cool -- I haven't had a chance to try it out yet (I've moved onto a completely different project), but the links look very promising. – Shawn Lauzon Jun 10 '11 at 1:22

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