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I want do something with these step:

  1. Encode a kind of object A with NSKeyedArchiver M and I can get a NSData X.
  2. Init another kind of object B with NSKeyedUnarchiver N from NSData X. The names of A and B are the same, so it's possible(I have done an experiment).
  3. And then I want to encode B, but I do not know wether B lose some data of X, 'cause A and B may have different number of property.

So I want to get all keys and values from N. How can I do this?

I do not understand NSKeyedUnarchiver well, please help me.

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Can you explain your application a bit more? –  nielsbot May 9 '11 at 21:53

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There is no official way to all the keys from NSKeyedUnarchiver. Can you tell us more about why are you trying to transfer the properties from object A to object B?

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