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I found a strange issue. Open a simple page in Firefox, the code is simple as below:


In Firefox, I type some characters in the textarea. Then I click refresh button of the browser. Surprisingly, after the page refreshed, what I typed is still there in textarea. However, if I just focus on URL bar and press ENTER key, the textarea is clear after refreshing.

I reproduced this in Firefox 3.6.12 in Linux and 3.6.3 in MacOS. And, I have only Firebug extension installed so it should NOT be due to Firefox extension.

Is this a know issue? How to make textarea clear after Refresh button is clicked?

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You sound surprised, but this isn't new behavior. Firefox has done this for as long as I can remember (and I've been using Firefox since its version numbers started with "M"!). –  Ken Nov 24 '10 at 5:42

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For textarea only:

<textarea autocomplete="off"></textarea>

For all form fields

<form autocomplete="off">

Preventing Firefox from remebering the input value on refresh with Meta tag

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It's so that your form information is kept if you accidentally navigate away from the page and then return by using the previous or next button.

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which will avoid aufill on refresh.

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