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I have a form which is always submitting the form to the "update" function in the controller, and I have created this form using "remote_form_for" tag. In this form I have objects from different tables, and from this form I want to submit entire form data to another function(not to the "update" function) via AJAX request.

I have tried many methods including using submit tag with action

<% remote_form_for @employee, :url => organization_employee_path(@organization, @employee), :method => :put do |employee_form| %>
  // form objects and other functionalities
         // views inside the forms
         <div id="employee_header_div">
           <%= render :partial => "employee_header", :locals => {:employee => @employee} %>
     <%= submit_tag "page_level_validation", :id => "page_level_validation" , :action=>"validate"%>
 <% end %>

But the Ajax request always calling the same "update" function.

It would be very helpful, if anyone helps to resolve this issue.

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can you please post your view code? Also, the Rails version you are using... form_remote_for is deprecated in Rails 3 –  Jasdeep Singh Nov 24 '10 at 5:53
I am using Rails version 3.0.0 and my view code is as follows. <% remote_form_for @provider, :url => company_provider_path(@company), :method => :put do |provider_form| %>. In side this form, I am using AJAX call to update the form values and Now I want to pass the same details to another function for validation. I have used the tag '<%= submit_tag "page_level_validation", :id => "page_level_validation" , :action=>"validate"%>' but it also pass the details to the same 'update function' via AJAX. –  Sushanth CS Nov 24 '10 at 5:56
So the issue is on remote_form_for I am using in rails 3. Then what I should used instead of it? I have already wrote many functionalities inside this form. Is my form changes effects that functionalities also? –  Sushanth CS Nov 24 '10 at 6:06

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Try this:

<% form_for @employee, :remote => true, :url => organization_employee_path(@organization, @employee), :method => :put do |employee_form| %>
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