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I am stuck in a very tricky situation. I have to set a boolean value to true or false based on the argument on the command line. I have to supply an argument, -ds=rel and based on this value, the program will set it to true and false. I have used

if (strncmp(argv[argc_pnt], "draw", 4) == 0)
    rel = true;

Now I want that if I give -ds=draw at the command line it should set rel = true. That is, it should compare the value after equal to (=) and if it gets drawn, it should make it true. Else if I give anything else after -ds=, the rel value should be false.

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static const char DS_ARG[] = "-ds=";
rel = false;

// …

if (strncmp(argv[i], DS_ARG, sizeof(DS_ARG) - 1) == 0) {
    // argv[i] begins with "-ds="
    if (strcmp(argv[i] + sizeof(DS_ARG) - 1, "draw") == 0) {
        // "-ds=" is followed by "draw"
        rel = true;
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(Note that I used true and false like in the question, but they are not normally defined in C. You may wish to include stdbool.h for them or make your own boolean enum.) –  Arkku Nov 24 '10 at 7:06

Something like rel=!strcmp(argument, "draw");

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