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I am developing a code editor like VS. I want to display a tool tip window when mouse cursor lands on a text. The ToolTip.Show() method asks for a IWin32Window parameter...

Please tell me how to display the tool tip in the current document just as Visual Studio Intellisense works.

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More information is needed here. What control are you using to display your text? Is this a custom control? Why can't you detect the mouse position and change the tooltiptext accordingly? –  Brad Nov 24 '10 at 6:51
i am developing an addin....so irrespective of what the document is i need tooltip to be displayed..can you please tell me how to deal with Win32Window parameter i tried this ToolTip tt = new ToolTip(); tt.Show(TextSelection.Text,(IWin32Window)_applicationObject.ActiveWindow); but this is not working ...thanx brad –  Bhashana Nov 24 '10 at 7:02

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The ToolTip.Show method also has other more appropriate overloads, like this one.

You can pass the edit control (that is, your text box) that you want to be associated with the tooltip as the IWin32Window parameter.

Then, you can specify the current coordinates of the mouse cursor as the X and Y arguments:

  • If you're trying to show this tooltip in one of the mouse event handlers (like MouseMove), the current coordinates of the mouse cursor are passed in as part of the MouseEventArgs—just use the e.X and e.Y properties.

  • Otherwise, you'll need to use the Control.MousePosition property to get its current location, which will return a Point representing its current location relative to screen coordinates. Another one of the overloads to the ToolTip.Show method accepts a Point parameter that you can use here instead of separate X and Y coordinates

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ToolTip.Show Method (String, IWin32Window)

The second argument is the control for which the tool tip is to be shown.

toolTip1.Show("Test 123", button1, Int32.MaxValue); 

Visual Studio tracks the word underneath the mouse and displays tooltips/intellisense accordingly. One way for you to do the same could be to:

  1. Track the mouse movements
  2. Get the text under mouse
  3. Show tooltip.
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