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I'm new to NHibernate, but have managed to get it all running fine for my latest project. But now I've reached the inevitable performance problem where I need to get beyond the abstraction to fix it.

I've created a nunit test to isolate the method that takes a long time. But first a quick overview of my domain model is probably a good idea:

I have a 'PmqccForm' which is an object that has a 'Project' object, which contains Name, Number etc and it also has a 'Questions' object, which is a class that itself contains properties for various different 'Question' objects. There is a JobVelocityQuestion object which itself has an answer and some other properties, and a whole bunch of similar Question objects. This is what I'm talking about with my PmqccForm having a Questions object alt text

This is the questions part of the model: Question DOmain Model

The key point is that I want to be able to type form.Questions.JobVelocityQuestion

as there is always exactly 1 JobVelocityQuestion for each PmqccForm, its the same for all the other questions. These are C# properties on the Questions object which is just a holding place for them.

Now, the method that is causing me issues is this:

        public IEnumerable<PmqccForm> GetPmqccFormsByUser(StaffMember staffMember)
        ISession session = NHibernateSessionManager.Instance.GetSession();

        ICriteria criteria = session.CreateCriteria(typeof(PmqccForm));
        criteria.CreateAlias("Project", "Project");
        criteria.Add(Expression.Eq("Project.ProjectLeader", staffMember));
        criteria.Add(Expression.Eq("Project.IsArchived", false));
        return criteria.List<PmqccForm>();

A look in my console from the Nunit test which just runs this method shows that there is nearly 2000 sql queries being processsed! http://rodhowarth.com/otherstorage/queries.txt is the console log.

The thing is, at this stage I just want the form object, the actual questions can be accessed on a need to know basis. I thought that NHibernate was meant to be able to do this?

Here is my mapping file: http://rodhowarth.com/otherstorage/hibernatemapping.txt

Can anyone hint me as to what I'm missing? or a way to optimize what I'm doing in relation to NHibernate?

What if I made the questions a collection, and then made the properties loop through this collection and return the correct one. Would this be better optimization from nhibernates point of view?

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Can you please update the post wiht how you are calling the above method? –  Baz1nga Jun 12 '11 at 7:18
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Just try to add fetch="subselect" to the mapping file for Questions component and see if this solves the issue with multiple selects to that table - you should now see one 2nd select instead of hundreds separate queries, e.g.

<component name="Questions" insert="true" update="true" class="PmqccDomain.DomainObjects.Questions" fetch="subselect">

See for more info - Improving performance

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When I add a fetch attribute to to that component I get "XML validation error: The 'fetch' attribute is not declared." so I tried adding it to the one-to-one mappings beneath it, but it says subselect is not a valid value (join etc do work, but dont improve anything) –  RodH257 Nov 24 '10 at 23:00
I missed that the <component> doesn't support any fetch settings, so you may want to try to replace it with some collection mapping instead, for exmaple <set> and specify subselect there, e.g. <set name="Questions" inverse="true" lazy="false" fetch="subselect"> <key column="PmqccFormId"/> <one-to-many class="PmqccDomain.DomainObjects.Question"/>...<one-to-one's </set> –  Denis Ivin Nov 25 '10 at 2:06
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