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I am writing a desktop application under windows, I am using sqlite to store information, I created a db with index on string column, insert a lot of informations, the db size about 16M,

If I restart Windows, and open my application. It takes about 9-10 secodes to open the sqlite db. The code is as follow:

int nRet;
nRet = sqlite3_open16(szFile, &mpDB);
if (nRet != SQLITE_OK)
   LPCTSTR szError = (LPCTSTR) _sqlite3_errmsg(mpDB);
   throw CppSQLite3Exception(nRet, (LPCTSTR)szError, DONT_DELETE_MSG);

Is it possible to accelerate it ?

Many Thanks!

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Have you shutdown your database correctly? –  J-16 SDiZ Nov 24 '10 at 8:31
How can I judge whether I closed the db correctly? –  sxingfeng Nov 24 '10 at 8:44

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YOu can use sqlite3 command line utility to check your database. Or you can recreate your tables with data (dump/restore).

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