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I am Joining three tables and the result comes like this.

tb1field   tbl1field   tbl2field   tbl2field   tbl3field   tbl3field
a           b           c          d            e           f
g           h           i          j            k           l 
m           n           0          p            q           r

There is no index for the result set.And this result set display in the same manner to user in a table format.Now I want to edit the result set by click on the edit button in each row and at that time I want to display the values of particular row in the text box and if save button is clicked update the corresponding fields in the corresponding tables .

User Interface like below

table                                                           editlink

opentextbox1     opentextbox2      opentextbox3      opentextbox4 ............

savebutton      cancelbutton

how can I achieve this scenario?

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I have implemented this stuff before.What u jut need is jquery - edit in place. Just google it.. here are couple of useful link



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