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this drives me crazy about an 24 hours. i'm using sqlite3 in iphone sdk 4.0. i have created a table1 with P_I as primary key and created table2 with P_N as foreign key referencing table1 P_I. But if i try to insert the data in table2 got inserted even if i entered P_N value which is not available in table P_I. according to foreign key constrains P_N of table2 must be in P_I of table1 else it wont insert the data. But i also activated the "PRAGMA foreign_keys=ON". then i don't know why my foreign key doesn't working??? i hope i'll get good solutions from here. Thanks in Advance.

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Foreign keys were introduced in SQLite 3.6.19. Are you sure the version on the iPhone supports them?

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i have checked my sqlite library version in my simulator by "sqlite3_libversion_number()" it returns 3.6.22. thats why i try this foreign key... –  KingofHeaven Nov 24 '10 at 7:48

It seems you have programming logic error on your code. I recommend you to check sql insert statement on your code. You can add sqlite3_prepare_v2 for command. Also you can use sqlite3_bind_text command. You can add NSLog(@"SQL Not okey") command for else condition.

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