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Just created a blank "ASP.NET Web Application". Where's the entry point?

I see "Default.aspx" which seems to be the default template that calls. "Site.Master" which I guess acts as a layout file. "Global.asax" that seems to provide some method stubs for event handling. And then "Web.config" which seems to have some site-specific settings such as a DB connection string, and some authentication stuff.

But no where do I see any "routes" or anything to indicate that "Default.aspx" should be called by default, or "Global.asax" should be used to handle events. Where's this stuff specified? Is it baked into the core of ASP? Can't I filter all the requests through one C# method and then delegate how I please? And return some sort of Http response?

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There's no notion of entry point. The way it works is that the user sends an HTTP request to an url and this url sends a response to the user. In the properties of the project you could configure which URL to launch in Visual Studio when you hit F5 because by default it launches the file you are currently editing.

Also the web server has a notion of default document i.e. if you don't specify any page it will load the default documents in the order they are configured:

alt text

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Good answer! I guess I have to ask another question though to get the solution I want. –  Mark Nov 24 '10 at 8:21

The file called by default is specified on the IIS, generally is default.aspx.

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Okay....what about on the development server that I run through VS by pressing F5? Is there a project setting somewhere? –  Mark Nov 24 '10 at 8:19
No, that server uses default.aspx as default pages (I think), but you can select start page on Visual Studio, by right click and select as Start page. That start page is the one loaded when you press F5 –  Elph Nov 24 '10 at 15:57

By default, ASP.NET just uses the physical file paths for determining which page to display. Default.aspx is the default either because it is the startup file of your project, or because it is mapped as the default document of your root folder in IIS.

You can optionally use the routing components added to the framework as part of ASP.NET MVC if you want custom routing. There's a guide on how to use this here

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the entry is an IIS ISAPI extension that processes Asp.net requests. If you want the routing you could use Asp.net mvc, or use an HttpModule to intercept and route the requests.

see more about Asp.net here. http://www.west-wind.com/presentations/howaspnetworks/howaspnetworks.asp

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