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I have an e-mailer script that send messages to Yahoo or Gmail with a link on it, a link that will return back to my website when it is clicked.

I need to get the HTTP_REFERER from Yahoo or Gmail. in my site I have


expecting something to return on it. but its empty.

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This seems to be by design. It is possible to remove the header using Javascript shenanigans. From Google's docs on GMail privacy:

Minimized "referrer" header information. When you click on links in messages, the web browser that loads contains a referrer header. When you click on links in Gmail, Google takes steps to eliminate t his referrer header, preventing others from knowing that you clicked on a link from an email.

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The browser might not provide HTTP_REFERER so you cannot rely on it - Secondly, some software firewalls (like Norton Internet Security) have features to strip out such information...

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You have no control over HTTP_REFERER. What you see is what the client passed.

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