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How do I inspect a string a pointer is pointing to when stepping through a program using gdb? I can see the a pointer is pointing to 0x82c6e10. I know it is a string. How do I print it? using printf("%s\n", 0x82c6e10) gives Bad format string, missing '"'. The fact that gdb does not complain of unknown command tells me that the solution is some variation of what I am doing. Am I right? I tried escaping the quotes but that did not help.

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Here printf is not a function, but a gdb command. Omit the parentheses.

Better yet, just use the print command, or the x command with format /s

(You can actually call the C function printf() with the call command.)`

gdb has voluminous help available with the help command. Try it.

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Use x rather than p:

x /s 0x82c6e10
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print (char *)pointer
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print (char*)0x82c6e10

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