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I enconutered a problem, when dealing with QGraphicsScene and QPixmap. I am sequentially displaying frames, captured by the camera. QTimer object is calling updateSingleView() function every 100ms. That is my inner function:

void CCIGui::updateSingleView()

    unsigned char *const img = PGRSystem->SnapShot();

    QImage Img(img, 1024, 768, QImage::Format_RGB888);



    delete [] img;

Gui is displaying the camera's view but unfortunatelly there is a memory leak, when calling scenes.at(0)->addPixmap(QPixmap::fromImage(Img)); I thought that removeItem function should destroy the old QPixmap, but apparently its not. Do you know why the leak occurs and how to solve it?

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What version of Qt? I had some trouble with 4.6.? on Windows. –  sje397 Nov 24 '10 at 9:12
I am using Qt version 4.6.3. –  Marcin Nov 24 '10 at 9:24

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As suggested

you need to delete the item after removeItem line.


QPointer _item = scenes.at(0)->items().at(0); scenes.at(0)->removeItem( _item ); delete _item;



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From the Qt documentation:

void QGraphicsScene::removeItem ( QGraphicsItem * item )

Removes the item item and all its children from the scene. The ownership of item is passed on to the caller (i.e., QGraphicsScene will no longer delete item when destroyed).

See also addItem().

Hence you need to delete the item using delete manually.


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Could you be more precise? I can't delete Item using 'delete', as it was not created with 'new' (same for a Pixmap). –  Marcin Nov 24 '10 at 10:05
addPixamp(), and the similar helpers on QGraphicsScene, are simple wrappers that create (via new) a QGraphicsItem for you - in this case, a QGraphicsPixmapItem. Hence, you do need to delete this, after the item is remove from the scene. –  James Turner Nov 26 '10 at 4:05
Also, returning a char array with your SnapShot() method (which doesn't define ownership) is likely to cause confusion - QByteArray is perfect for this, no delete [] required, and no possible ownership bugs. –  James Turner Nov 26 '10 at 4:06

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