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Hi First Post and hope someone can help as it is causing hair loss.

I design GUI's using excel and access. 2003 i never had a problem but since updating to 2007/2010 i have having a problem with a seamingly simple thing.

In 2003 i could refresh a query on a very hidden sheet using

Sheet2.Range("a1").QueryTable.Refresh BackgroundQuery:=False

in 2007 / 2010 i cannot do this. It works if i cut and paste the query off the 2003 sheets into 2007 / 2010 Perfectly but not if it is a query i build in 2007 / 2010.

The recorder spits out

Selection.ListObject.QueryTable.Refresh BackgroundQuery:=False

Which the page has to be selected first to run

so logically i have tried

Selection.ListObject.QueryTable.Refresh BackgroundQuery:=False

which selects the position of the query first again wont work it fails at the Sheet2.Range("a1").Select part

Then i logically tried

Sheet2.Range("a1").Selection.ListObject.QueryTable.Refresh BackgroundQuery:=False

again this doesnt work

Sheet2.Range("Table_Query_from_MS_Access_Database_1[[#Headers],Trans_ID]]") _
      .Selection.ListObject.QueryTable.Refresh BackgroundQuery:=False

This Also doesnt work

All i want to do is refresh a query on a very hidden sheet

Using screen.update = false then unhide macro hide screen update = true isnt really ideal as i want to stop the end user from getting to this query as it is part of a logon System in excel i just cant work out a way to refresh the query on the hidden sheet which was a simple task in 2003.

Please help my hair loss



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Select does not work on a very hidden sheet. Try it without the select -
Sheet2.Range("a1").ListObject.QueryTable.Refresh BackgroundQuery:=False

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:O it works Hidden : ( ) It works Very hidden Thank you so much !!!! this was driving me insane woods for the trees i might get some sleep tonight as i been trying everything to try and create a more seamless GUI in excel 2007 was starting to think M$ were going to start to force ppl to use them horrable pivot tables, now i can just use my fav sumproduct(--(( summary way for my GUI reports I really Mean it Thank You :) –  Richard Perryman-Smalley Nov 25 '10 at 12:04

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