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If a temp DateTime value need to be saved after changing another DateTime, by trying to evaluate one to another like dateTime = date - the value of both dateTime change . How To clone two dateTime by value

The answer is: dateTemp=New DateTime(date.Ticks);

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DateTime is a value type (struct).

This means that the following creates a copy:

DateTime toBeClonedDateTime = DateTime.Now;

DateTime cloned = toBeClonedDateTime;
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+1 For specifying it is a struct/value type. – Anar Khalilov Dec 24 '13 at 9:13
var original = new DateTime(2010, 11, 24);
var clone = original;

DateTime is a value type, so when you assign it you also clone it. That said, there's no point in cloning it because it's immutable; typically you'd only clone something if you had the intention of changing one of the copies.

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+1 Agreed. The way I got around the problem was to create a new DateTime object and just copy the required parts I wanted to clone such as (day, month, year) from the original datetime object and then set the time manually for the new object.... as an example. – Dal Nov 24 '10 at 11:15

DateTime is a value type so everytime you assign it to a new variable you are cloning.

DateTime foo = DateTime.Now;
DateTime clone = foo;
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