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I'm getting the following error on my flash project 5000: The class ... must subclass 'flash.display.MovieClip' since it is linked to a library symbol of that type. I looked at the class and made sure that I import flash.display.MovieClip and I do. I tried to change the base class in the linkage to flash.display.MovieClip but I got the following message: "The base class specified is a native class and will be defined in the player at runtime. It cannot be edited."

How can I fix this issue? Thanks in advance, Kfir

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Duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/7306256/… –  Tom Jun 30 '12 at 3:08

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importing the MovieClip class gets you halfway there, you have to actually extend the class with MovieClip as well.


    import flash.display.MovieClip

    public class MyClass extends MovieClip

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Well I just had the same bug in another project and decided that I should post the solution. For some bizarre reason this error may occur when the references of the project are invalid. In my case all I had to do is go to File->Publish Settings->Flash->Settings and update all the paths there. That solved my problem.

I hope this will help other people out there and maybe the someone from the flash team will see this and patch this bug.

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What paths were updated? I'm looking at my settings and I don't see where I can update paths. screencast.com/t/1kyEQJjWMu –  dev.e.loper Apr 25 '12 at 12:32

I had the same problem when transfering my files from my desktop computer on my laptop. Actually I tried all I can, but the kfir solution put me on the good way... Refreshing all the paths in File->Publish Settings->Flash->Settings wasn't enough for me... I also had to rewrite all the paths to classes in the miniclip properties. To be more precise, I even had to remove it, click on the tick icon (to validate the path blank), and rewrite the path again and re-tick...

Sounds really wired but does work for me.

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Solved: I exported the Publish Settings from other flash that worked well, imported them in the document that gave me error 5000, and it solved the problem!

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