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I have a nasty issue with an object being destroyed in a big project of which I cannot find the place where this happens. In Visual Studio 2008 I would have set a data breakpoint but when trying to do this in 2010 the option New Data Breakpoint is disabled. The project is running and a non data breakpoint is hit. What is going on here? I read about Managed Code. How can I find out if my project uses managed code and if yes, how can I avoid this?

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There is some insight in another question. First - about managed code, second - about being in debugging (paused) state. stackoverflow.com/questions/243347/… –  Steed Jan 21 at 16:17

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When you attach to the process (or in your settings) disable Mixed Mode Debugging. In other words, make sure you have "Native code" be the only debugging option that's checked.

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doesnt work even for pure win32 native project... –  Ulterior Oct 29 '11 at 12:23

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