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I have several websites, and I can't remember where I wrote some lines of code. As my pages are indexed by Google, I would like to know if Google offers a facility to search within the HTML source code/mark-up itself, instead of just allowing search within the visual, rendered, part of a page?


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Is the code on the client side or the server? –  mjimcua May 23 '13 at 10:21
very easy with nerdydata.com –  d-_-b Feb 26 at 6:10

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There is a new search engine called NerdyData which lets you search on HTML/CSS/JS source code

They index over 160 Million public domains and I've found the data useful.

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I've come across the following resources on my travels (some already mentioned above):

HTML Mark-up-focused search engines

I'd also like to throw in the following:

Huge, website crawl data archives

The '115m' Meanpath website URL crawl article highlights usages of Common Crawl's URL Index (alongside other URL data).

How can we analyse this crawl data?

For an idea of how to begin analysing some of this massive data, take a look at Big Data/Map-reduce-type frameworks(s).

Google lists some ideas on using Apache's Spark project to analyse Common Crawl's dump(s). To understand the file format(s) used by Common Crawl, refer to the following:

The article, Accessing-Common-Crawl-Dataset-on-S3, outlines accessing Common Crawl's 250TB+ dump(s) in a low cost manner without transfering that data load outside of Amazon's AWS/S3 network. Of course, that assumes you are going to use some combination AWS/EC2/S3 etc. to analysise the crawl data.

Finally, Patrick Durusau maintains some interesting Common-Crawl-usage-related blog pages.

Personally, I find this subject intriguing, I suggest we get this crawl data while it's HOT! ;-)

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Google can't search on your code from site.Yoy can use http://nerdydata.com/ It is best code search engine that I used ! I think you will get your exact code from this site.

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You can also try meanpath to search within HTML source code. Though it is a commercial tool it lets you evaluate their service. As of November 2014, it claims to have indexed pages on 141,670,458 live domains.

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Some line of code on your website (if not client-end script) is not visible to google when it crawls your website. How will google find something in your php code when accessing the site outputs code's work results?

http://google.com/codesearch will search for publicly available sources, so if you store your sources on github for example, it will find it.

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I thought about the html part, generated by a php script or static, this is what google have access to like every human... –  Greg2fs Nov 26 '10 at 7:20

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