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hi I am trying to add sqlite driver into my netbeans 6.9.1 project, these are the steps that I have done :

  1. adding the the sqlitejdbc-v056.jar into the the libraries of my project
  2. in "services" tab in netbeans, creating a driver with a name of "SQLite" ,adding the driverfile and finding the driver class (org.sqlite.JDBC) for the Driver.
  3. now by right clicking on the driver and selecting "Connect Using", I have to add a JDBC URL connection for this driver, but any kind of URL that I add I keep getting this message :

Unable to add connection. cannot establish a connection to jdbc:sqlite:/ using org.sqlite.JDBC -unable to find a suitable driver-.

please let me know how to create this connection for a simple database. thanks

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If you are working on windows, change all backslashes to slashes in your path. This one I'm using right now:

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