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I am trying to hook up gnus via nnimap to read mail from exchange server. Defined within gnus startup is the configuration info

(setq gnus-select-method '(nnimap "example"
              (nnimap-address "")
              (nnimap-server-port 443)
              (nnimap-authenticator login)
              (nnimap-stream ssl)
              (remove-prefix "INBOX.")
              (nnimap-authinfo-file "~/.imap-authinfo")))

(setq imap-ssl-program "openssl s_client -quiet -tls1 -connect %s:%p")

Emacs is @ (2010-11-16) and .imap-authinfo contains the connection info:

machine login my_username password my_password

Using openssl and gnutls-cli I can connect to server independently, but emacs hangs when invoking gnus and leaves a message Opening TLS connection with gnutls-cli --insecure -p 443'...done.

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Have you tried running "gnutls-cli -d3 --insecure -p 443" from the command line? (i.e. with the debug switch set) – seb Mar 24 '11 at 11:04

I am pretty sure that the best answer was given by @lorexvii.

You must download Davmail and follow the instructions for your specific OS.

Then the only thing that Davmail will ask you is the URL for your server (if you don't know which could be the URL this page gives you some tips).

And finally, you only need to connect Gnus to your local machine, if you don't touch the ports in the settings, for IMAP will be "localhost" and port 1143, username: (yeap, all the email address).

Hope this helps

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