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I'm building a cocoa app and I can't seem to find the right spotlight query. I've downloaded the spotlight API project from apple and the query there is:

@"*='%@'wcd || kMDItemTextContent = '%@'cd",userEnteredString,userEnteredString

from the first expression it seems to me that it should look up for all the files in the computer. It returns text, image, video, music files and also folders but it doesn't return apps. I tried to add:

|| kMDItemContentType = ''

to the expression and this returns apps regardless the search string (seems logical) but when even this query returns only some 3rd party apps (not all my 3rd party apps and none of apple's apps)

to search the name of the apps to, I modified the query like this:

    @"(*='%@'wcd || kMDItemTextContent = '%@'cd) || (kMDItemDisplayName = '%@'wcd &&
kMDItemContentType = '')",
userEnteredString, userEnteredString, userEnteredString

this does filter the name of the applications but still it doesn't work for all of them (for example the search string VLC doesn't return the application)

so my main problem is this, I can't seem to find a way to create a query that includes application searches.

my secondary problem is that I want to filter the result to be audio, video or apps. I tried to add to the query:

kMDItemContentType = 'audio'wc || kMDItemContentType = 'video'

(with the appropriate parenthesis) but as audio this returns only m4a files and for video all I could test was avi files and it didn't return any. (I guess those work for apple formats only?)

if someone can help me in this too, that would be great but I am mostly concerned for the firs problem

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