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i don't really know how to handle a special case.

i know how to handle with view controllers when i'm using tabbars, or navigation controllers or something like this.

but now i want to build a game. and... games often don't have navigationcontrollers or tabbars, also mine doesn't have something like this.

so in my first view, i have u button, pushing this, initiates a new viewcontroller and adds his view as a subview on top of the fist view controller. ending this viewcontroller , i remove the new viewcontroller from superview.

but the viewcontroller is still initiated and in my memory.

do you have any tips for handling view controllers the way i want? diplay view controller 1 -> click -> display view controller 2, unload 1 -> click -> display view controller 1 , unload 2

don't know if i'm right with the way i want. thanks for any tips about handling view controllers "game like"

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Could you not use:

-[UIViewController presentModalViewController:animated:]

to accomplish this? A lot less to maintain and you don't have to worry about the mechanics of memory management either (other than implementing init, dealloc, viewDidLoad, viewDidUnload).

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ok, i can use dismissmodelviewcontroller then. but the object is still there (and running). in my special case some music gets played and some timers are running and they are still working after dismissing. viewDidUnload or dealloc doesn't get called after dismissmodelviewcontroller –  choise Nov 24 '10 at 17:14
figured out my problem. thanks your answer is correct. i have problems with a NSTimer that is going on after deallocating the object. i will ask this in a several question. thanks –  choise Nov 24 '10 at 22:37

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