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Does Ruby on rails have associative arrays?

For eg:

   a =
   a["Peter"] = 32
   a["Quagmire"] = 'asdas'

What is the easiest method to create such an array structure in Ruby?

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Unlike PHP which conflates arrays and hashes, in Ruby (and practically every other language) they're a separate thing.

In your case it'd be:

a = {'Peter' => 32, 'Quagmire' => 'asdas'}

There are several freely available introductory books on ruby and online simulators etc.

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In other words: you have to just replace "a =" with "a =". – Arsen7 Nov 24 '10 at 13:21

Use hashes, here's some examples on how to get started (all of these do the same thing, just different syntax):

a =
a["Peter"] = 32
a["Quagmire"] = 'asdas'

Or you could do:

a = {}
a["Peter"] = 32
a["Quagmire"] = 'asdas'

Or even a one liner:

a = {"Peter" => 32, "Quagmire" => 'gigity'}
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You can also increment as expected; a["Peter"] += 1 etc. – Scott Wilson Sep 30 at 13:22

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