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I would like to take a string like so:

<div>my div 1</div><p>para1</p><p>para2</p><p>para3</p><div>my div 2</div>

and then remove all <p> nodes.

I'm having difficulty with this because I think that the string above has no context, and JQuery needs a context to work with to allow selectors to work:

var p = "<div>my div 1</div><p>para1</p><p>para2</p><p>para3</p><div>my div 2</div>"
var pj = $(p)

When I run the statement below in FireBug, I get no elements returned. Is this because the 'p' variable needs to be wrapped in another div for it to work? I want to be able to strip the elements from the string, even though it is not part of the DOM.

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You need .filter() to search elements at the same level, like this:


$("p",pj) translates to $(pj).find("p") under the covers, that's why it's not finding anything, because the <p> elements are descendants of pj, they're members. To be clear, jQuery doesn't need them to be contained in anything, it's a descendant vs non-descendant issue.

The alternative approach is to add them to a temporary fragment and always use .find(), like this:

var p = "<div>my div 1</div><p>para1</p><p>para2</p><p>para3</p><div>my div 2</div>"
var pj = $('<div />').html(p);

Then $("p",pj) would work.

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Great, thats exactly what I was after. The filter option didn't work because I wanted to select everything but the tag in question, unless you know how to negate the filter? In fact what I wanted was to strip out script tags from an html string. In the end I think I used the 2nd line of your option 2 to accomplish this: var safeText = $("<div />").html(editorText).html(); Does this look right to you? –  jaffa Nov 24 '10 at 14:03
@Jon - if you wanted the stripped version it'd look like: var filteredHTML = $("<div />").html(editorText).find('p').remove().end().html(); –  Nick Craver Nov 24 '10 at 15:23
Actually .html() strips <script> tags out so I don't need the filter method, I can use .html(string).html() to do the trick on the div fragment. I've learnt something anyway! Thanks again –  jaffa Nov 25 '10 at 8:58

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