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In our sqlserver 2008 database each user has a sqlserver login and sqlserver database user. When a new person joins the company the system admins set up their domain accounts but we then have to go in and create a sqlserver login with the same name as the domain user.

Is there any way to make sqlserver let people authenticated to the domain login with some given default access?

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Make use of domain groups? Give the group access to the SQLServer and you're good to go. –  Dennis G Nov 24 '10 at 12:54

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Create a Windows Domain Group (such as Domain\SQLReportingUserReaders) and add it to the relevant Reporting Services Roles.

See Setting Permissions in Reporting Services for more details.

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Thanks moontear.

I created a login called DOMAIN\Domain Users and any users that already have a login use their own account but new users use this new account.

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