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Hi I'm using db4o in an android application. I want to store multiple objects in a database so I have a loop that adds my objects in the db but if I don't put the close() IN the loop (after each store()), all the objects won't persist the next time I open the db. How is this possible? And how can I put only one close() AFTER the loop without having that problem?

I want to do only one close() because this is expensive in IO and it slows down the application initialization on the phone.


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First, is this related to DB4O close() wipe the DB ? ?

This definitely works :)

Can you provide a sample android project that reproduces the problem? (you can email me directly: adriano db4o dot com)


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Indeed it's related to my first problem. I found that if I put a close() after each store(), the objects stay in the db. But it slows down the application a lot :( I'll make a little project that reproduce the problem and send it to you probably tonight :) – Jafar Nov 24 '10 at 13:40
Jafar, did you managed to create a sample project? Maybe you have sent it to me and it ended up in my spam box. – Vagaus Nov 30 '10 at 13:23

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