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Does anyone have a recommendation for a web cam to be used on a mac with opencv?

Thank you!

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While OpenCV will work with essentially any USB webcam, there is a great deal of variety in image quality. I have personally had excellent luck with the PS3 Eye Cam in Ubuntu after removing the casing. Even though it is only $25-50, it can run up to 125 Hz and is less susceptible to motion blur. I am not sure how the open source Mac OS X drivers compare to the Linux drivers, but it is worth consideration.

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The internal webcam that comes with their laptop works quite well (rather high quality). You can also get Logitech Orbit (I personally have rather good experience with those).

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note that webcam quality varies wildly with the different models of laptop. For example, the new MBA has a far thinner screen bezel than any other model and so the webcam sensor has been seriously compromised to fit. –  Coxy Dec 14 '10 at 5:04

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