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How to access a USB port in C#, send a data stream and receive other data?

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there's a .net library for that: SharpUSBLib


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The term "usb port" doesn't mean anything. The B in USB means "bus", it is a generic way for any kind of device to talk to the machine. A driver is required to make the device usable. Just as you have drivers for your video card and your NIC.

A common way make USB device usable from user mode code is for the driver to emulate an old-fashioned serial port. You'd use the SerialPort class in .NET. Check the specs of the device to see what its driver does.

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this site definitely help u... http://libusbdotnet.sourceforge.net
it contains a class library and some sample codes release on 2010

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Heres some information, and a library: USB & C#

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