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I have a problem, in that I need to get a list of the files in a Directory. Using this previous StackOverflow question as a base, I've currently got this code:

void get_files(int maxfiles) {
    int count = 0;
    DIR *dir;
    struct dirent *ent;
    dir = opendir(DIRECTORY);
    if (dir != NULL) {

        /* get all the files and directories within directory */
        while ((ent = readdir(dir)) != NULL) {
            if (count++ > maxfiles) break;

            printf("%s\n", ent->d_name);
    } else {
        /* could not open directory */
        printf("ERROR: Could not open directory");

Now it works almost exactly how I want it too, but the problem is that its also listing directories in with he files, and I only want file entries. Is there a easy modification I can make to do this?

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You can filter directories using code similar to this one

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POSIX defines fstat which can be used for the purpose of checking whether a file is a directory. It also has a macro to simplify the check.
Note that for Windows you may have to use windows API here.

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Fear not; fstat works on Windows too. – Gabe Nov 24 '10 at 14:26

If your struct dirent contains the nonstandard-but-widely-available d_type member, you can use this to filter out directories. Worth having an option to use it and only falling back to stat on systems that don't, since using d_type rather than stat will possibly make your directory listing tens or hundreds of times faster.

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