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I was wondering what people are using for generating breadcrumbs in drupal. I've seen various modules and was wondering which ones people have had success with.

Thanks for any thoughts.

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Bad news from me: personally I always custom-write breadcrumb code because every professional job I do has different requirements and no generic breadcrumb module can do it all.

I used to create a hook_preprocess_page function then issued my own hook to see if any module would like to rebuild the breadcrumbs - I do it this way so that, for instance, if I have a specialised node I can put the breadcrumb-building code for that node type into its support module (and not try to cram it all into one ever-expanding function - it's the Drupal Way).

Nowadays I use ctools plugins instead of a module hook in the hook_preprocess_page since you can do additional clever stuff.

(If using Panels you'd have to create a new breadcrumb panel pane and work from there. Word to the wise: Panels destroys $_GET['q'] which can make it harder to build breadcrumbs in some situations.)

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