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How can I retrieve the information shown in the Mac's System Profiler app programatically? I'm actually interested in the USB section if that matters.

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Take a look at the system_profiler(8) command.

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The OSX command line tool "ioreg" might give you want you want.

man ioreg

ioreg displays the I/O Kit registry. It shows the heirarchical registry as an inverted tree.

Also if you can/want to use Cocoa look at IOKit. IOKit is the OSX framework that talks to USB hardware.

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I think this is almost what I'm looking for. Two things though, I don't see the Volume information associated with the USB disk, for example the mount point. Second, is there a way to filter the output to get USB devices only? – Abdullah Jibaly Jan 9 '09 at 3:31
An easy way to see OS X volume information from the command line is either using df (I usually use "df -h" for human readable format) or using diskutil (command line tool is basically Disk If you run "diskutil list" that will show you volume information. – hacintosh Jan 9 '09 at 3:53

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