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I'm trying to use Capistrano 2.5.19 to deploy my Sinatra application. So far, I managed to successfully run deploy:setup, but when I try to perform the actual deployment or the check (deploy:check), Capistrano tells me that I don't have permission. I'm using sudo since I log in with my own user and the user used for deployment is called passenger and is member of the group www-data. Therefore is set :runner and :admin_runner to passenger. It seems, however, that Capistrano is not using sudo during the deployment, while it was definitively doing so during the setup (deploy:setup). Why is that? I thought that the user specified by the runner parameter is used for deployment.

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Unfortunately, I cannot directly answer your questions, however, I would like to offer up a different solution, which is to take the time to properly set up ssh/rsa keys to accomplish what you want to do. This will allow you to both not worry about setting and changing users in addition to not having to worry about embedding authentication information inside your cap scripts.

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That doesn't really help me. We have multiple users that are members of a certain group. Members of this group are allowed to perform deployments by sudo-ing (without password) to the non-priveliged passenger user. I really don't want to allow passenger to log in to the system. Furthermore, I don't want to maintain a authorized_keys2 file for the passenger user. – t6d Nov 24 '10 at 15:52

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