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In my model, I have a class Condition and two subclasses, StringCondition and NumCondition. The user will view/edit/order conditions as a single list.

Is there any way to implement this with a Django modelform formset? I'm currently using two separate formsets (one for NumConditions, one for StringConditions), but it's a pain to manually interweave the ordering (so a number condition can appear between two string conditions, etc).

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Beginning in Django 1.3, you can override the __iter__() method of a formset to control the order that the forms are rendered. To utilize this feature you'll need to do two things: first tag your forms so you can order them, and second render the formset as for form in formset (instead of the old for form in formset.forms). Then create an __iter__() method to order the forms & you're in business.


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Don't forget the indexing override if you do that. (From the linked docs --> Formsets can also be indexed into, which returns the corresponding form. If you override iter, you will need to also override getitem to have matching behavior.) –  kobejohn Nov 3 '11 at 6:27

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