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can someone please help me to start JBoss AS with external IP NAT adresse. I have hosted JBoss AS in an Amazon EC2 Instance. Amazon EC2 manages two categories of adressen: public and private ip adresse (also public and private dns). I have started JBoss AS binded to public DNS using run.sh -b public_dns but in the console showed the the JBoss AS is starting with private dns. Also when trying to connect to the server with an external client that don't exists in Amazon EC2 Network, an exception is thrown as in Cann't connect to JBoss ESB hosted in Amazon EC2 Machine and the server don't answer. Please help me. It's urgent!!

Thanks in advance



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Please share configuration file and complete solution. It will help others like me. – AZ_ Jul 12 '13 at 7:35

If your node only has a private IP address, then this would explain your issue. It is impossible to use a NAT translated IP address to connect to a node with only a private address, unless you start using NAT traversal and hole punching techniques.

This would be a complicated solution. The easy solution to make sure your node is assigned a public IP address. It should solve your problem.

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Is there any tutorial for configuring JBoss behind a firewall (NAT) – AZ_ Jul 12 '13 at 7:35

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