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The following javascript function used to work:

  function tbComment_onKeyDown(ID) {
      var commentPop = $find("WebDialogWindowComment")
      commentID = ID;

      var thePopUpTb = $get("WebDialogWindowComment$tmpl$tbCommentPopUp");
      thePopUpTb.value = commentID.value;      

What it did was onKeyDown on a textbox on my aspnet (3.5) form, it caused an infragistics WebDialogWindow to become visible, set the focus to a textbox in that window, and copied over any text from the original texbox to the textbox in the WebDialogWindow.

Now, $get("WebDialogWindowComment$tmpl$tbCommentPopUp"); is returning null. When I look at View Source on the page, WebDialogWindowComment$tmpl$tbCommentPopUp is on the page.

I am running the code thru (the webbrowser in )vs2008 . The only difference I can think of from when it worked to now, is that I upgraded from vista to windows7. I am not using JQuery.

Also, this code works thru vs2008 on another, xp, machine.

And, the application on the development server (an xp machine) runs on my windows 7 machine.

Can anyone help out with what is going on here?

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ie7 is a browser and xp is an operating system. – Greg Nov 24 '10 at 15:56
Yeah, I corrected that. Thanks. Seems to have been a browser not os issue anyway. – Lill Lansey Nov 24 '10 at 16:16
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WebDialogWindowComment$tmpl$tbCommentPopUp looks like an element name. $get() works with element ids, not names. Try:

var thePopUpTb = $get("WebDialogWindowComment_tmpl_tbCommentPopUp");

Prior to version 8, Internet Explorer mistakenly accepted element names in its document.getElementById() method. That's probably why your code works under IE7 on Windows XP.

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Thanks! Wish I had asked you before I spent 2 hours on this. What is weird, the webserver on the xp machine delivers that same code: var thePopUpTb = $get("WebDialogWindowComment$tmpl$tbCommentPopUp"); and that it works on the machine running ie8. That is why I thought it was a windows 7 web server issue. – Lill Lansey Nov 24 '10 at 16:31
@Lill, that IE8 browser might be running in IE7 compatibility mode :) – Frédéric Hamidi Nov 24 '10 at 16:39
@Frederic, ah... of course! – Lill Lansey Nov 24 '10 at 16:56
Actually, just tried it, and the code still works in ie8 even with compatibilty view off. – Lill Lansey Nov 24 '10 at 17:02
@Lill, that's strange... Out of curiosity, can you hit F12 in IE and confirm that Browser Mode is set to IE8 and Document Mode is set to IE8 Standards? – Frédéric Hamidi Nov 24 '10 at 17:04

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