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I created a menu contribution for an Eclipse plugin.

I would like the menu only to be visible when the plugin perspective is active.

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Here is what I found, in an open source project, and it works for me:

            label="Menu 1">
         <visibleWhen checkEnabled="false">
            <with variable="activeWorkbenchWindow.activePerspective">
                <equals value="myperspective"/>
         <dynamic class="MenuPopulationClass"
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I suggest to use the Command Framework.

this tutorial can help you

To restrict the visibility of your commands you should check par. 5

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This is a bare outline of what you need to do.

To limit the visibility of the top level menu, create an empty ActionSet through the Extension Point Selection dialog.

Next, add a visibleWhen expression to the top level menu item defined in the plugin.xml. Right click on the menu item and select New -> visibleWhen. Right click on the visibleWhen element and select New -> with

Set variable - "activeContexts"

Right click on the with element and select New -> iterate. Select the new iterate element and modify its properties so that any matching element will cause the expression to evaluate true.

Right click on the iterate element and select New -> equals, then modify the value property.

value = your new ActionSet

Finally, add the top level menu item to your ActionSet.

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I don't use actionSet but menu contributions using "menus" extension point. I found a way, cf my answer. Thank you anyway. –  Matthieu Napoli Nov 26 '10 at 15:46

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