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I want to know if there is way to change meta description on specific pages, but to keep the meta data from the master page for the pages where I haven't specified any info. I am trying this approach:

    HtmlHead headTag = (HtmlHead)this.Header;
    HtmlMeta pageMetaTag = new HtmlMeta();
    pageMetaTag.Name = "Description";
    pageMetaTag.Content = "Test";

Which adds the description tag properly, but I want in same time to remove/disable the meta tag from the master page. Is that possible? Thanks in advance and have a nice day.

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Meta tags belongs to http headers. In a master-content page design they are usually part of the master page. But this isn’t required! You can integrate a ContentPlaceHolder into the header section of the master page. With this approach you can easily set meta tags and other header elements in content pages.

If you need meta tag defaults, you can introduce a design with two nested master pages, where the outer master page contains the ContentPlaceHolder for the header and the inner master page contains the default header.

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