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My purpose is to request on a xml structure, using only one XPath evaluation, in order to get a list of strings containing the concatenation of text3 and text5 for each "my_class" div.

The structure example is given below:

         <div class="my_class">
             <div class="my_class_1"></div>
             <div class="my_class_2">text2</div>
             <div class="my_class_3">
                 <div class="my_class_4">text4</div>
                 <div class="my_class_5">text5</div>
         <div class="my_class_6"></div>   
         <div class="my_class">
             <div class="my_class_1"></div>
             <div class="my_class_2">text12</div>
             <div class="my_class_3">
                 <div class="my_class_4">text14</div>
                 <div class="my_class_5">text15</div>

This means I want to get this list of results:
- in index 0 => text3 text5
- in index 1 => text13 text15

I currently can only get the my_class nodes, but with the text12 that I want to exclude ; or a list of each string, not concatened.

How I could proceed ?

Thanks in advance for helping.

EDIT : I remove text4 and text14 from my search to be exact in my example

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EDIT: Now the question has changed...

XPath 1.0: There is no such thing as "list of strings" data type. You can use this expression to select all the container elements of the text nodes you want:


And then get with the proper DOM method of your host language the string value of every of those selected elements (the concatenation of all descendant text nodes) the descendat text nodes you want and concatenate their string value with the proper relative XPath or DOM method:


XPath 2.0: There is a sequence data type.

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Does it mean it is impossible to get several text contents in sibling nodes, except one of its, in only one response ? – carpediem Nov 24 '10 at 17:17
@carpediem: XPath selects nodes. You can select all those text nodes you want, but your result will be a node set (not "concatenation" relationship between them). My path selects every container of the text nodes you want, not just one. – user357812 Nov 24 '10 at 17:24
@Alejandro & @Paul: Ok. After a couple of tests, this works. I already tried this function but my error was finally about how to retreive the results set. I had to change casts in this case. Thank you all for helping – carpediem Nov 25 '10 at 9:19
@carpediem: You are wellcome. – user357812 Nov 25 '10 at 12:35
@Alejandro: Thank you. It's very nice to be helped with accuracy so quickly :) – carpediem Nov 25 '10 at 12:59

Could you not just use:


And then get the .innerText from that? There might be a bit of spacing cleanup to do but it should contain all the inside text (including that from the class 4 and 5) but without the tags.

Edit: After clairification

concat(/div/div/div[@class=my_class]/div[@class=my_class_3]/text(), ' ', /div/div/div[@class=my_class]/div[@class=my_class_5]/text())

That might work

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yes. you are absolutely right. I tried some time to construct my example and I realize that it doesn't match exactly my problem. In fact, my real problem is out to get this tag's content (my_class3) without text4 and text14 for instance. I'm going to modify it to be exact. – carpediem Nov 24 '10 at 17:11

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