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I compiled my application, and then reran it, and all of a sudden my graphics have all resized to much smaller versions of themselves...be it ImageViews, ImageButtons, etc...

I did place a small icon in ldpi, a medium one in mdpi and a high one in hdpi - could that be what triggered the issue? I didn't change my code, so all of my ImageViews I am using as titles for layouts are still set to wrap_content, everything just got smaller.

Any idea why this may be, or are there workarounds?

I test on a Motorola Droid 2, btw

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When you were just working in res/drawable android automatically does the scaling of the asset.

When you added the new assets did you put your existing asset in res/drawable-mdpi and then one that is 150% size in res/drawable-hdpi and one that is 75% in res/drawable-ldpi?

Or did you put your existing asset in res/drawable-hdpi and then two smaller versions in res/drawable-mdpi and res/drawable-ldpi? If you did then your graphics would have appeared to shrink.

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