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i'm getting the value s from database and in while loop i'm writing the following code which is written inside a form and on action calls another jsp page

    <TD> <%= set.getInt(1) %> </TD>

    <TD><%= set.getString(2) %> </TD>

    <TD><%= set.getString(3) %> </TD>

     <TD> <%= set.getString(4) %> </TD>

    <TD><%= set.getString(5) %> </TD>   

    <TD> <%

String s = set.getString(4);
                 if(s.equals("Request Recieved"))
                { %>
                <input type="hidden" id= "i1" name="h1" value="Request Recieved" />
                    <input type="submit"  id="i1" value="Submit" /> 

Thus i'll get a few rows and respective buttons. now my requirement is when i click a particular button on the jsp page only the value related to that button should only be updated to database. but i'm unable to relate the button with its respective value.

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Either give the button a specific name, so that you can check if its request parameter doesn't return null (cumbersome), or just put each row in its own <form> where the row ID is set as hidden input value (recommended).

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but multiple buttons are created based on the while loop i.e "while(set.next())" hence all the buttons will have same names or values. – technocrat Nov 24 '10 at 17:35
Yes, I know. I've answered how to change it. Just give the button a dynamic name depending on the loop or print the <form> inside the loop. That said, your approach is pretty cumbersome. I'd suggest to have a look at those answers: stackoverflow.com/questions/2280034/…;, stackoverflow.com/questions/1808900/…. – BalusC Nov 24 '10 at 17:37
i'm not clear with how can i get row id. Can you please elaborate the second strategy. I think it could work but can understand how to write the form tag which can have independent row ids. Thanks and rgards – technocrat Nov 24 '10 at 17:43
Each row has its own unique ID, right? Maybe it's the set.getInt(1) which you have there? Use it as unique row identifier. Your code is far from self-documenting, so I can't give a more detailed answer. But the general idea should be clear enough: either give each button an unique name (which is the row ID) or wrap each row in its own <form> with a hidden input with an unique value (which is the row ID). – BalusC Nov 24 '10 at 18:05
Thank Q dude... I'm a beginner and this my first jsp program involving database connectivity. I am not aware of self documenting. I got it but how can i assign the rowid i.e set.getInt(1) with hidden input field. All the attributes of hidden input are static values, i mean we cannot assign dynamic rowids to hidden input. – technocrat Nov 24 '10 at 18:47

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