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I'm trying to build a specialised search engine web site that indexes a limited number of web sites. The solution I came up with is:

  • using Nutch as the web crawler,
  • using Solr as the search engine,
  • the front-end and the site logic is coded with Wicket.

The problem is that I find Nutch quite complex and it's a big piece of software to customise, despite the fact that a detailed documentation (books, recent tutorials.. etc) does just not exist.

Questions now:

  1. Any constructive criticism about the hole idea of the site?
  2. Is there a good yet simple alternative to Nutch (as the crawling part of the site)?


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For the crawling part, I really like anemone and crawler4j. They both allow you to add your custom logic for links selection and page handling. For each page that you decide to keep, you can easily add the call to Solr.

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Scrapy is a python library that crawls web sites. It is fairly small (compared to Nutch) and designed for limited site crawls. It has a Django type MVC style that I found pretty easy to customize.

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In, C#, but a lot simpler and you can communicate directly with the author. (me)

I used to use Nutch and you are correct; it is a bear to work with.

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It depends on how many web sites and so URLs you think crawl. Apache Nutch stores page documents on Apache HBase (which relies on Apache Hadoop), it's solid but very hard to setup and administrate.

A crawler is just a page fetch (like a CURL) and a list of links who will fill your URLs list, and so on. So, if you intent to crawl less than 1 000 000 pages, I am sure you can write a crawler on your own (especially if you have a few web sites), use a simple MySQL database and ElasticSearch.

Of course a crawler could be more sophisticated, you could remove from your HTML document the HEAD part, and keep only the real "content" of the page. Also you could have a "rank" scoring (maybe by mixing site social reputation, pagerank etc...).

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I do believe the nutch is the best choice for you application, but if you want, there is a simple tool: Heritrix. Besides that, I recommand js for the front-end language, because solr returns json which is easily handled by js.

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