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I have executable which runs fine in normal way. It loads a shared library. and I setting LIBPATH before launching that exe. Now If I change the permission of the exe to owned by root and set sticky bit, then it fails to load the shared library. If I create link in /usr/lib to the shared library everything works fine.

Any reason and solution for this problem.

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It's a security feature - LIBPATH from your user environment is not used when running something with the sticky bit set. If it allowed you to use a user-set LIBPATH on an executable with suid set on it, someone could load a malicious library to compromise the system.

Also note that this security feature exists in Linux systems as well - LD_LIBRARY_PATH from a user's environment will be ignored when running a sticky-bit executable.

Possible Solutions

1 - One solution is to grant a user sudo privilege to execute that command, in which case you could do something like...

sudo LIBPATH="..." executable

2 - Another solution is to create a shell script that sets LIBPATH and then executes the executable, and set the sticky bit on your shell script, like this...


LIBPATH="/whatever/path" /path/to/executable
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Is there any work-around or option which can enable me to get this work. –  Avinash Nov 24 '10 at 18:03
@Avinash - check my new edit. –  birryree Nov 24 '10 at 18:04

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