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Anyone know of an open source Jasper Reports DataSource implementation that can handle JSON data? I'd like to utilize JSON data from a RESTful API in some custom reports. Before I build it myself, I figured I'd check if something already exists.

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Tauren, how did you go with this? Did you find anything or write it yourself? – Mark Ellul May 5 '11 at 17:10
@Mark - I didn't find a solution or write one yet. Had more pressing things to do. I'm still not sure how to really go about doing this for a report running within iReport. But if you integrate reports into an application, then you could use JRBeanCollectionDataSource to create a datasource from POJOs you retrieve from a REST API. At least that's what I'm doing with data I pull from Hibernate. – Tauren May 10 '11 at 5:11
This post will help you to get some ideas. Thank you. Ajith Vitharana. – Ajith Vitharana Jan 14 '12 at 1:49

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There is a JSON Datasource in Jasper 5.0.1. I think it is new with V5.

The API doesn't tell you much. Haven't found documentation for it yet. The JasperReports Ultimate Guide I just downloaded (dated 1/15/2013) doesn't seem to have been updated with it.

I suspect it works somewhat like the XML Datasource: you use paths (XPATH in the case of XML) to specify the fields.

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there is a sample of JsonDataSource in the 4.5.0 version of jasperreports at *\demo\samples\jsondatasource*

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