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My Grails app has an upload form like the following:

<g:uploadForm action="save" >
    <input type="file" name="csvfile" />
    <!-- some other inputs ... -->
    <g:submitButton name="upload" value="Save" />

I don't want to store the file contents in the domain object, but want to transfer them directly to file with the transferTo method. How can I perform validation in this case (perhaps with a command object)?

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When you upload a file, you can do something like this in your controller:

def myAction = {
    def file = request.get('csvfile')
    file.transferTo(new File('/path/to/local/file'))

I'm not understanding the connection between your question and how the inputs in your form would map to a domain object. If you don't want the file contents on your domain, you shouldn't have a domain field defined for them.

If you can provide us with your domain we can better understand what you're trying to accomplish.

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The domain class contains only the filename, but that doesn't matter in my example. I want to know how I can ensure that the user sends the required files with the form. –  deamon Nov 24 '10 at 21:10

This is a bit brute-force, but just use the sample code provided by @Rob Hruska and look for the files in the action. It's not particularly elegant, but it's functional and simple, and doesn't put files into your domain object.

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