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I'm trying to come up with a piece of PHP code that replaces multiple adjacent occurences of a char in a string with only one occurence of that char.



should become:

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The most straightforward solution would be to use a regular expression replace.

$output = preg_replace('/-+/', '-', $input);

In reality, to limit the vacuous replaces, you might elect to go with the following:

$output = preg_replace('/-{2,}/', '-', $input);
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It works too. But this replaces for 1 or more, not 2 or more (which is {2,} instead of +). – netcoder Nov 24 '10 at 19:19
To clarify, netcoder is referring to the first line of my code (before the edit, where I introduced the second line). Nevertheless, the way, as I understand it, preg_replace works, there is not a meaningful performance difference between the two, since preg_replace instantiates a new String anyway, taking characters from the source string or the replace string as it goes along. – Steven Xu Nov 24 '10 at 19:22

With a regexp :

var_dump(preg_replace('/-{2,}/', '-', 'my-string--is---dashed')); // string(19) "my-string-is-dashed"

If you meant any repeating character, it's a bit more complicated :

var_dump(preg_replace('/(.)(\\1)+/', '$1', 'tttooosssdihfjkkk')); string(9) "tosdihfjk"

Where \\1 is basically matched character (matched by (.)).

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Try this:

$new_string = preg_replace('/-{2,}/', '-', $string);
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str_replace("--", "-", $mystring);
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