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I'd like to count all the inputs in my form which are empty. With empty I mean that its value is empty after trimming its value (if the user insert whitespaces its empty as well). This jquery count them, but it doesn't include the trimming:


Has something jquery which can be used to trim in the selector?


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$(':text').filter(function () {
    return $.trim($(this).val()).length === 0;
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+1 beat me to it. ;) – Stephen Nov 24 '10 at 19:32
Yeah, this should work. – RussellUresti Nov 24 '10 at 19:36

While the .filter() method in @Domenic's answer is a good approach, I'd implement it a little differently.


$('input:text').filter(function () {
    return !$.trim(this.value);
  • You should specify input:text. Otherwise jQuery needs to observe every element in the DOM to see if it is type='text'. (See the docs.)
  • Because these are text inputs, it is quicker to use this.value than $(this).val().
  • No need to get the length property since an empty string is falsey. So just use the ! operator.

Or you could use the inverse of .filter(), which is the .not() method:


$('input:text').not(function () {
    return $.trim(this.value);

Also, you can create a custom selector like this:


$.extend($.expr[':'], {
   novalue: function(elem, i, attr){
      return !$.trim(elem.value);

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