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Does anyone know of a Python equivalent for FMPP the text file preprocessor?

Follow up: I am reading the docs and looking at the examples for the suggestions given. Just to expand. My usage of FMPP is to read in a data file (csv) and use multiple templates depending on that data to create multi page reports in html all linked to a main index.

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don't make such questions a community wiki – kender Jan 9 '09 at 6:55
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Let me add Mako Fine fast tool (and it even uses ${var} syntax).

Note: Mako, Jinja and Cheetah are textual languages (they process and generate text). I'd order them Mako > Jinja > Cheetah (in term of features and readability), but people's preferences vary.

Kid and it's successor Genshi are HTML/XML aware attribute languages (<div py:if="variable"> ... </div> etc ). That's completely different methodology - and tools suitable for HTML or XML only.

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Thank you for pointing out Mako it seems to have everything I need. – 1.01pm Jan 10 '09 at 23:27

Python has lots of templating engines. It depends on your exact needs.

Jinja2 is a good one, for example. Kid is another.

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You could give Cheetah a try. I've used it before with some success.

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I'm not sure exactly what FMPP does, but from a quick glance it seems like a template language.

Jinja2 is an excellent template system for python.


    {% for item in list %}
    <li> {{ item.title }} </li>
    {% endfor %}

{% if user.is_admin() %}
    <a href="./edit">Edit this page</a>
{% endif %}
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